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Please note that although this page does not show all products that we make, we have numerous websites that do. Whatever communication problem you have, whether two way radios, first aid emergency paging, waiter paging, staff communications, patient recall in healthcare or other sectors such as logistics then we do make solutions for your business. LRS is the leading supplier world wide and has solutions in over 80,000 sites from small companies to large international corporates and everything in between.


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Customer or Guest Paging

Waiter or Restaurant Paging

Table Tracker Solution

Waitlist Application is operated by LRS UK.

For enquiries about two way radios and accessories (we supply companies with over 800 sites) that you can contact us on 01782 537000 or fill out our contact form. We do in fact sell most of the major brands of walkie talkie radios such as Motorola, Kenwood, iCOM, Yaesu (Standard), Hytera and others both in digital and analogue and licensed or license free. For completely unbiased advice with no obligation then please do contact us directly.

Lastly, we also manufacture call buttons or 'push for service' buttons. These are used in many sectors including meeting rooms, waiter call, yachts and liners and more. Call buttons can be custom designed and finished in a number of colours or made from solid wood suitable for any decor. To find out more about our emergency call buttons or any solution where a push button could be used please contact us directly.

Please be aware that this website is in NO WAY associated, affiliated with or operated by any other organisation and any resemblance is purely coincidental. After all, we would not want to sell boomerangs would we?

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