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Below are a few common questions that we get asked with answers...

General questions
Our website name does not reflect our company name... a 'pager call system' is simply a generic name for paging systems commonly used throughout the world. In fact we're probably the best known paging company in the world today - Long Range Systems UK Ltd. LRS has been involved with paging equipment since 1993 and we offer far more than simple paging systems that many of our competitors seem to sell. We have just released the first pager that can acknowledge back to the sender when it receives a message - thus guaranteeing that the paging system (and you) knows that the message was delivered.
We have the best warranty that is available from ANY paging company worldwide. Most 'distributors' offer either a one year warranty or if you are really lucky maybe two years if they are pushed. LRS UK offers a standard warranty of THREE YEARS MINIMUM warranty on non-custom products. If you take out a service agreement we will even extend that up to ten years providing the service agreement stays in place. But make no mistake and don't confuse us with lesser companies.
No. If other companies claim that they can use their equipment to page our systems or claim they can use LRS pagers with their equipment they are wrong and might even be intentionally misleading you. Our LRS equipment uses special protocols that stop other inferior equipment from being used with our systems.
LRS worldwide has sold far more than 80,000 solutions and systems. Our equipment is used in the largest and the smallest companies everywhere and in the UK you will find it in most of the high street stores as well as hospitals, restaurants, pubs and bars, logistics, opticians, schools and universities, logistics, corporate, manufacturing and more...
Our pricing policy is simple.. bring us competitive quotations for comparable equipment (not the cheap Chinese rubbish we see today) and we guarantee to beat that price, we guarantee to offer a completely free trial but most of all we also guarantee to offer the best warranty in the business. Guaranteed! We will take on ANY distributor within the UK and frankly dealers don't even come in to the equation. We will ensure that you pay the lowest price with the longest warranty for the best paging equipment (or other products we sell) that there is available today - including our new pagers that have the auto acknowledge mode so that your customers always get the message!
The finest paging solutions available anywhere at the best price backed up with a three year warranty. Only from LRS UK.

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