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Professionalism of Innovation


Innovative Products

Long Range Systems is currently the leader of innovation within the on-site paging industry. With our new technologies being applied to Table Tracking and pagers that acknowledge receipt of the message there is no other company that comes near to what we offer.


The Best Warranty

LRS UK offers a minimum of THREE YEARS warraty on all non-custom designed products. In fact we are the only company in the UK that offers this extended warranty as standard. You might ask yourself why other companies are not prepared to guarantee their products as long?

Proven Results

LRS supplies the leading companies in many sectors of business. We don't often disclose these clients (sometimes because there are non-disclosure agreements in place) but you will have heard of them all.

Working with LRS is not quite the same as working with some distributor that simply buys and sells equipment (basically middle men). When you work with LRS you are working directly with a manufacturers office. We know everything there is to know about our products because we developed them from scratch!

If there is ANY kind of issue we can resolve it faster than any distributor ever could.

And remember that LRS stands behind each and every product we sell.. it costs us nothing to change out faulty equipment because warranty items are returned to Dallas TX, USA for reworking. That is a major advantage because with distributors often they have to stand the cost of faulty equipment.. one reason why they are often not wanting to change out faulty warranty products. At LRS UK if there is a problem we fix it fast!

Unique Benefits of buying from a manufacturer

Over 20 offices worldwide

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